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The information offered here is invaluable to wood floor finish professionals, designers, architects, homeowners and anyone who wants generic, technical information about wood floor sanding and finishing procedures and techniques.

Since 1995, The Floormasters International Website has been dedicated to the care and protection of wood floors. It is the only place on the World Wide Web where wood floor installers and finishers can share successes and get help with problems from their peers from around the world. From the UK to Australia the product names may vary but the issues are the same.

The Floormasters Store offers products to protect and preserve you flooring investment. These are the products that the pros use and recommend. Safeglides© wool felt floor protectors are the same high quality wool felt chair glides that Bill Price first offered to the flooring industry in 1985.

ShopTalk is a forum or bulletin board which is dedicated to wood floors and wood floor professionals. Sponsored and monitored by Bill Price, a third generation wood floor finisher, ShopTalk also answers question for architects, designers, consumers and do-it-yourselfers regarding the installation, sanding, finishing and maintaining of wood floors.

Other contributors include wood floor manufacturers, finish manufacturers as well as distributors who all offer technical advice and assistance. Contractors offer advice and opinions to each other. By sharing their experience and concerns finishers find that they are not the only one who has a particular challenge or what other finishers think of new and not so new products and procedures. Consumers are better educated about their wood floor investment than at any time in the past and are asking the same questions that you may have. Every person who posts on ShopTalk learns something from the "Pros" even the other "Pros".

The cardinal rule of ShopTalk is "NO SELLING" by manufacturers. Finishers will offer their opinion of the products they use and offer advice in their use.

Floormasters.com was created to help the Professional Floor Finisher, and those who deal with them, to understand the changes in the floor finishing industry, "why" staining and finishing products have changed and how to live and work with these changes. The information is shared by Bill Price whose thirty-plus years combined experience in the wood floor industry includes working for more than 30 years as a wood floor finish contractor, marketing and product manager of a national waterborne finish manufacturer, president of two national finish manufacturing companies and consultant to many finish manufacturers, distributors and contractors. Since the 1980's Bill has been providing advice and assistance to floor finishers free of charge. Any professional who calls or emails is given the help and respect he or she deserves. There is never a dumb question unless it is the one that is not asked.